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Grow Your Own Best Self!

I Love to watch things grow. Plants. Babies. Icicles. Trees. Ideas. People... Growth is fascinating, exciting, and if we're honest a little bit scary sometimes. For plants, children, ideas, people, etc. to thrive, growing conditions need to be prime. But let's face it - much of the time, our growing conditions are lacking in some key nutrient.

Stress, money, politics, poor food choices, early life trauma, current trauma, erratic sleep patters, not enough time in nature, (you get the idea)... These all lead to depleted mediums of prime growing material. Positive growth occurs best when we look less at "what should I quit" and more at "what area can I enrich". When you worry less about what may be wrong and focus on slowly adding in elements/nutrients that are missing, you start to feel and see the difference pretty quickly.

We have a succulent here at home that was struggling. No matter what we seemed to do, more water, less water, inside, outside, this plant was not happy! We had also been trying to identify it but our searches were coming up short. Finally, we found it! It turns out, morning filtered light and a weekly soaking was what it needed. In two weeks, this little plant was almost twice as big and thriving!

We all have potential for amazing growth and the ability to thrive - even under less than ideal circumstances... The key is to identify what conditions you'd like to improve and slowly add in the nutrients needed!

If you are having a hard time identifying the nutrients lacking in your growth medium, please reach out for support. Growth can be fun, creative, tasty, and exciting!

Plants & People: What we all need

Clean Water

Tasty Nutrients

Fresh Air & Sunlight

A little help once in awhile

Reminder: Health and growth can be rewarding, exciting, creative, tasty, and fun!

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