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Welcome to Meek and Keen

"Meek and Keen" began years ago as a partnership between two people, Dominic (Meeks) Alvarez and Bahne (Keen) Kuehne. We joined forces in 2013 as parents and educators. Together we have learned to parent a tribe of 6 amazing humans, ages ranging 1 - 18! We spent much of our time living on the side of a mountain in Bisbee, AZ where our love of nature, plants, and native animals kept us busy growing our own homestead.

In 2017 we moved to Tucson and since then we have fallen deeply in love with this unique and diverse desert ecology, native food and medicinal plants, and cacti and succulents! We are each on a path of continued education and sharing our passions for learning and growing with our own children while also working within (and learning more from) the larger community of Tucson and the Tohono O'odham Nation.

Meeks comes from a background rich in science, education, and agriculture and currently teaches science, coordinates school gardens, and leads STEM enrichment programs with the Tohono O'odham community in Sells, AZ. He is currently pursuing certification with the Master Naturalist program. His green thumb and passion for learning about native plants and local ecology keeps dirt under his nails and on a continuous quest for knowledge! For the past several years Meeks has worked to instill in his students the love of science and the natural world.He has successfully built up several school garden programs and teamed up with National Parks to restore native plant species and wildlife habitats.

Keen has depth of experience in the non-profit sector and in arts and education administration. She is passionate about positive parenting and relationship building, holistic health and well-being, and is all about fostering creativity and health of body, mind, and spirit through the art facilitation and through education! She is an artist, writer, mentor, coach, education leader, and workshop facilitator.

This year, the Meek and Keen intention is to share our knowledge and love of the natural world with others! We are working tirelessly to create a sustainable future for our family and for many generations to come. Our hope is that you will find inspiration in our work, call on us for resource or support, enjoy our words and art, and while you're visiting us maybe buy a plant or two!

Here's to deep breaths, rich soil, deep roots, and sun in your soul!

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